We are an innovation-driven social snterprise focusing on eliminating malnutrition and enhancing agrobiodiversity. 'Nourish North' is an initiative of SUVADI supported by the Australian High Commission to Sri Lanka and Maldives through a Direct Aid Program Grant. This is a solid step towards breaking the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition by ensuring nutritional adequacy among young ladies in the Northern Province.

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Nourish North aims to

mPower Women

M - Monitor Dietary Diversity among young women

P - Protect local agrobiodiversity

O - Offer support hands to malnourished women

W - Warn about the adverse effects of junk food

E - Encourage collective efforts

R - Reflect and improve existing practices


Progress report of advocacy campaign

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Progress update of ‘Nourish North’ action plan

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Base line and end-of-the year survey report

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Dietary diversity matters

There are many ways to conserve the planet’s precious biodiversity - the main one is diversifying our diet. Nutritionists have long recognized dietary diversity as a key element of high-quality diets. Many studies validated dietary diversity against nutrient adequacy. The micronutrient density of the diet is considered high when the dietary diversity is greater.

“The reason I’m so worried about children and pregnant women is that the effect of not being well-nourished carries throughout their life.

Their ability to be healthy and smart and productive in their life is damaged, and it’s something that is almost impossible to reverse.”

Anthea Webb, Deputy Regional Director of WFP in Asia and the Pacific.

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